About Roadway Freight

Customers who use roadway freight services attach a lot of importance to security of their goods besides other factors. This service is one of the most popular in the field of shipping that has thrived for decades. The roadway freight service deals with both small and medium size cargo that has transported from one point to another. This service bears a lot of advantages in that it solves the problem associated with difficulty in delivering the consignment. Since its network is extensive and the service is tracked, delivery of consignments is made with much ease. Another advantage is that this service gives a customer a chance to lower the cost of transport. Apart from being the fastest mode of road transport, it is also convenient as it eliminates the issue of transshipping especially when using air or water transport. Roadway freight thus offers door delivery services at the request of the customer.

Roadway freight services make use of modern vehicles and technology to boost their customer satisfaction levels. For instance, they have the fastest vehicles that can deliver consignments in a matter of hours if not the next day delivery. Use of modern technology has also seen this service address special customer needs which were being viewed as a problem before. For instance, some consignments demand to be kept under constant low temperatures during transportation. Such include fresh vegetables and flowers that need to be refrigerated during shipment. Roadway freight services have addressed this issue by bringing in trucks with refrigerators to cater for goods that are classified as perishable. The goods will therefore be delivered in their fresh state.

Roadway freight also has a range of complimentary services to ensure total customer satisfaction. For instance, they have a tracking system for consignments that are in transit. This uses mobile phone technology and the internet. For the internet tracking, all that one needs to do is to go to their website and enquire on the status of a certain consignment. Details will be revealed as to when the consignment was sent, from which place and the estimated date of arrival at its destination. For the mobile phone technology, the staff of the roadway freight company normally keeps in touch with the staff in the truck. This ensures that they receive constant updates on the status of the consignment and report any problems immediately. This tracking is normally aimed at preventing loss of customers’ goods which may be experienced during transit.

Roadway freight also aims at customer satisfaction. For instance, if goods were scheduled to be delivered on a certain date, and a need arises that compels them to be delivered quite earlier than agreed, the company can renegotiate the terms while the goods are still in transit. A case in point is for the perishables which in many cases force the roadway freight company to speed up the journey to ensure that the goods get to the market before a shortage in supply gets to a chronic level or before the goods go stale.

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